Team Building: Simplified

Welcome to the global team-building

platform to create teams, join teams,

find teammates, and build a reputation.



TeammateMe helps students find teammates and study-mates for their course projects, classes, and extracurricular activities. Also, it helps them gain professional experience and sharpen their teamwork skills. At the same time, they can build lasting reputation scores for their resume.

Create a Team

Making a team is easy. To start a team, specify your team’s mission. Then invite teammates. Build Teams, Achieve Goals!

Join a Team

Are you looking to be part of something bigger? Use TeammateMe to find teams that interest you and apply to join them.

Find Teammates

Together, we accomplish more! Find the most relevant teammates with the right skills, interests, and reputation scores.

Team-Based Reputation Scores

best performance

Past Performance

TeammateMe‘s aggregated peer reviews and rating scores reflect your potential teammates’ track records and skillfulness.

past performance

Present Motivation

Your ability to rate and review your teammates holds them accountable and incentivizes them to do their best in your current project.

present motivation

Future Impact

You can create a lasting reputation for yourself by letting your teammates leave reviews and ratings for you in TeammateMe.

“For small talk, check Insta. For real talk, check TeammateMe! ”

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