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TeammateMe helps students find teammates and study-mates for their course projects, classes, and extracurricular activities. Also, it helps them gain professional experience and sharpen their teamwork skills. At the same time, they can build lasting reputation scores for their resume.

Create a Team

Making a team is easy. To start a team, specify your team’s mission. Then invite teammates. Build Teams, Achieve Goals!

Join a Team

Are you looking to be part of something bigger? Use TeammateMe to find teams that interest you and apply to join them.

Find Teammates

Together, we accomplish more! Find the most relevant teammates with the right skills, interests, and reputation scores.

Team-Based Reputation Scores

Past Performance

Past Performance

TeammateMe‘s aggregated peer reviews and rating scores reflect your potential teammates’ track records and skillfulness.

Present Motivation

Present Motivation

Your ability to rate and review your teammates holds them accountable and incentivizes them to do their best in your current project.

Future Impact

Future Impact

You can create a lasting reputation for yourself by letting your teammates leave reviews and ratings for you in TeammateMe

“For small talk, check Insta. For real talk, check TeammateMe!”

Multimedia Content Director
DeLisa WhiteMultimedia Content Director

“Think online dating- only reimagined for academic plans, business proposals, or just plain old collective thinking- online collaborating!”

Texas State University Alumna
Yvette RomeroTexas State University Alumna

“The connections TeammateMe facilitates are more important now than ever.”

Writer, Copyeditor, Copywriter
Caroline Rexrode RoseWriter, Copyeditor, Copywriter

“With the ability to bring people together in a plethora of different ways, TeammateMe makes your collaborations their priority, leaving you to connect and conquer.”

Family Support Worker
Allison ContrerasFamily Support Worker

“TeammateMe is the much-needed solution to create and manage a group of people – whether it be a group for a school project or even your gaming squad.”

BA in Journalism - Public Relations
Patrick MoranBA in Journalism - Public Relations

“This looks like a really awesome platform, I can't wait to apply it to open-sourced projects so we can reward those who have a big impact.”

Jared GluckEntrepreneur

“TeammateMe is a reputable source to find a Teammate that is looking for someone just like you.”

Alyssa MicalizziStudent

“TeammateMe is for everyone. From students and professors to gamers and professionals.”

Freelance Writer
Sharmila Basu RoyFreelance Writer

“TeammateMe is a great platform to build a team. I signed up and started a new team in under a minute, and I was able to easily search and reach out to potential teammates.”

Software Engineer
Charles DengSoftware Engineer

“I’m struggling to find a study buddy to learn coding, but now TeammateMe gives me a chance to find a great partner.”

Designer & Coder
Zach YeDesigner & Coder

“It is an amazing platform to find teammates and establish qualified connections easily.”

Sakshi GoswamiStudent

“In the age of digital work, it can be hard to find reliable teammates, or it may be daunting to work with others. This digital platform allows for remote collaboration with ease.”

Strategic Communication and Innovation
Mirella GonzalesStrategic Communication and Innovation

“TeammateMe is an awesome platform designed to connect like-minded individuals and broaden their shared goals.”

SEO Content Writer
Priya ShahSEO Content Writer

“TeammateMe is a crowdworking platform that allows people to create groups, collaborate on projects, study, learn, and achieve whatever their goals require.”

Professional Writer
Jasmine MastroliaProfessional Writer